Week Three Update- Upper Camp 2021

This was quite the week in Upper Camp!

Our art group completed projects using all different kinds of materials.  They were busy with Creating in Clay, Nature Crafts, and Slime Time.  They have been honing their drawing skills as they practice sketching food items and then adding water colors to add detail to their work.  They also decorated small bird houses with fine detail and made “fairy homes’ after collecting items on a nature walk.

During Mix It Up, campers worked diligently to design and develop containers that would protect an egg during an egg drop.  We had two campers whose eggs survived a drop from three stories!  Campers also wrapped 450+ rubber bands around a watermelon until the pressure made it explode!

Our sports group have been busy building their basketball skills, playing some spirited games of kickball and the ever popular dodgeball.  

The Creating, Producing, and Acting groups are working on their Movie Magic Makers film and building their improv skills.  Campers are also conducting interviews and writing for our camp newspaper that will be printed at the end of the summer.  

Campers have been very busy in the wood shop building shelves, clocks, and other treasures too!  Lego challenges have been a big part of the week as well.  Campers had to build structures that would withstand the force of a fan and build a structure as high in inches that equaled their age.

It has been a great week in Upper Camp, and we hope that you enjoy the weekend!


Allie Spurling
Director of Upper Camp