Week Three Update- Lower Camp 2021

We had another great week in Lower Camp, and the campers showed that they can brave the elements!

This week was Lego Challenge Week, and the campers were built cities, ships, animals, and many other structures.  The challenges included individual activities, exercises in pairs, and a group project too!

The highlight of the week was Beach at Camp Day.  The campers were engaged in a number of water activities, from water balloons to relay races to bucket challenges. We also made a beach mural with chalk and played with bubbles too!

Today (Friday), we continued our beach theme indoors, making of cardboard castles.  This was a great way to cap off the week, and we are excited about next week’s theme, The Circus, and our annual Talent Show that will take place next Friday!

Enjoy the weekend,

Sandrine Dundas
Director of Lower Camp