Week Seven Update- Early RISErs 2021

We have raced through our last week of camp!  On Monday, during morning circle, we started Olympic Week by sharing our favorite sports.  Some examples from our friends were tennis, hockey and soccer!

On Tuesday, Ms. Lindsay took us on a musical journey to recap our summer together with her.  We “traveled” back to Italy, the Wild Wild West, Noah’s Ark, Africa and more!

Later in the week, during art, we used dot markers and crayons to design our own flags, and on Wednesday, it was off to the races!  Just like olympians, we showed off our speed to race around MB’s track where we also got to wave our flags and cheer on our friends!

On our rainy day, we played in the field house, and our most requested game to play indoors is “What Time Is It Mr. Fox?”.

To end the week, we cooled off in the sprinklers and enjoyed a sweet treat, freeze pops!  We wish everyone a safe and fun rest of their summer.  Thank you to our campers for a great seven weeks of camp!  We hope to see you again in 2022!