Week Four Update- RISE Upper Camp 2021

Today’s theme was Showtime, and it was great to see the hats, sunglasses, ties, and outfits for the occasion!  Looking back over the course of the week, upper campers were as engaged and active as ever, and many of them performed in Thursday’s Talent Show.

To give you an idea of what the week looked like for your campers, you can find a brief breakdown of the main activities for each Upper Camp group and some pictures below.

Mix-It-Up made bubble solution and put it to good use (of course!).  They also built catapults with rubber bands and popsicle sticks.  They also put their culinary skills on display with purple cow smoothies, homemade lunchables, and edible cookie dough!

Our art courses continued to do beautiful and creative work building houses and adding fine details using card board, recycled materials, and paint.  Many of you will see the finished products this afternoon!  They also used chalk to make street art and tie dyed shirts too.

The Science and Building group continued their fun application of science making erupting volcanoes, building with Legos, creating in the sawhorse animals in the woodshop.  They also showed their skills at designing and creating with duct tape, making bags, wallets, hats, and bowties.  A number of these hats and bowties were on display for Showtime Day today!

Creating, Producing and Acting continue to build their repertoire of skill building while having lots of fun!  Campers learned how to write and present monologues, they worked in teams to create a product which they pitched in a Shark Tank style presentation, they developed group dance routine for talent show, and they continued to develop their film.

The campers in Sports Madness were active from start to finish playing dodgeball, participating in a round robin basketball tournament, mastering their four square skills, and playing games in the grove.

We hope that you enjoy the weekend, and we look forward to seeing you back at RISE Camp!


Allie Spurling
Director of Upper Camp