Week Six Update- Lower Camp 2021

The Olympics have been on our mind with this week’s theme.  In honor of this year’s host country, we explored a number of items related to Japan.  Campers made Zen gardens, learned to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” in Japanese, made comic books, and even had a great time with origami.  We will continue the Olympic theme next week, as we focus on the Olympic Games themselves.

Throughout the week, we were fortunate to have nice warm days, which allowed the campers to enjoy the water slide and the slip and slide.  Some of our older campers are discovering the game of Gaga too.  If your child is in the Green Room, you should ask them about it.  We also made visited to the playground this week, which was quite the novelty for some of our campers.

On top of all that, tie-dye making was a blast, and we are so proud of all our campers for participating this Friday in Tie-Dye Day. There were so many beautiful shirts on display today, and it was a pleasure to see them all together.

We are so happy that your campers joined us this week in Lower Camp, and we hope that they will be back next week!


Sandrine Dundas
Director of Lower Camp