Week Five Update- Lower Camp 2021

This week’s them was  “I spy”, and the campers explored the campus spotting the animals, plants, and objects they could find.  They also played tag and hide and seek, using their own camouflage to make things interesting.  In between games and expeditions, campers searched for images and hidden words in a variety of artwork.

On Thursday, campers put on their sleuth hats for Bombardier Day.  Out of respect for our COVID protocols, the bombardier did not visit campus during the camp day this year but did leave a number of clues and eggs for lower campers just before camp began.

In preparation for the event each room came up with a group name, a chant, and even their own language for the scavenger hunt.  Be sure to ask your child about which room speaks Pizza or Shark.

As expected, lower campers followed the clues and found all of the Bombardier’s eggs!   On Friday, we received a video message from the Bombardier that reassured campers that he was in good health and was very happy with their work.  He also let us know that he plans to return to RISE Camp next summer.  Afterwards, we all got a chance to enjoy the “eggs”, which tasted a lot like watermelon!

If all that wasn’t enough, lower campers also had a chance to play on the giant waterslide.  As you can see in the pictures below and on Instagram, this was quite the event too.

It was great to have your campers with us this week, and we hope to welcome them back soon.


Sandrine Dundas
Director of Lower Camp