Week One Update in Upper Camp- 6/25/2021

It’s always amazing just how quickly upper campers hit their stride at RISE Camp.  From building new friendships to reconnecting with old friends, upper campers have not missed a beat.

In Mix-It-Up, campers tried their hand at a variety of cold cooking recipes.  A few of their dishes include Rice Krispie Treat Sushi, Strawberry Angel Food Cakes, Oreo Dirt Pudding, and more!

In Science and Building, campers built trash picker-upper sticks in the wood shop and helped to clean the campus.  They also created lego marble runs and tested their designs.

In the Art groups, campers made a COVID piñata, dioramas, cardboard houses, and bound their own books.

In Creating, Producing, and Acting, campers began filming their first movie, wrote persuasive speeches, and recreated their own version of the program Shark Tank.

In the Sports groups, campers have been active in basketball, kickball, flag football, dodgeball, amongst other games.

This week has been so exciting, and we look forward to continuing the fun next week.  We hope that you have a great weekend, and we hope to see you back at RISE Camp soon.

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Allie Spurling (Director of Upper Camp)