Week One Update- Lower Camp 2021

Week 1 in RISE Lower Camp has been filled to the brim with smiles and joy, and all of us are happy to finally be back on campus together.  This week’s theme was friendship, and campers spent time learning how to make colorful friendship bracelets, creating handmade friendship trees, and reading stories about what it means to be a good friend.

Today, we celebrated Crazy (or Not So Crazy) Hat Day, and we saw some wonderful designs!  Throughout the week, campers were engaged in a variety of fun games and activities such as kickball, the wind blows, fishy fishy in the sea, duck, duck, goose (a camper favorite).  If that wasn’t enough, they also got to stay cool and have fun with water games such as drip, drip, drop, the slip and slide, and the brand-new water slide.

This year, we also added a gardening activity. Each group in Lower Camp will visit the Lower School Garden once a week to remove weeds and make sure that the plants stay healthy.  When it is time to harvest, we will donate the produce to House of Hope in Providence.

We can’t wait for what the rest of the summer has in store for us — we’ve already had so much fun and excitement here, and it’s only Week 1!  Have a wonderful weekend, and we hope to see you for Week 2!

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Sandrine Dundas (Director of Lower Camp) and Hannah Harris (Lower Camp Social Media Specialist)