Upper Camp Midweek Update-Week 5

Hello RISE Camp Families,

It is hard to believe, but we are halfway through the last week of RISE Camp 2020! Even with the hot weather, our campers have been in great spirits and are enjoying their last few days of camp. Some campers are wrapping up projects that they have been working on throughout the summer, while some are getting in final rounds of their favorite camp games and activities, such as four square and capture the flag.

Below is this week’s episode of RISE Rev Live, which features a behind the scenes look at Movie Magic Makers and a spotlight on Homebase 1 and this year’s CITs.

Our final theme day of the camp season will be Color Day! Each homebase has been assigned a color to wear to camp on Friday:

Homebase 1- red

Homebase 2- orange

Homebase 3- yellow

Homebase 4- green

Homebase 5- blue

Homebase 6- purple

We are excited to see what the last few days of RISE Camp 2020 brings!


Allie and Maddie