Update Summer 2020:  Due to logistical planning and the new camp opening date governed by the RI DOH, we can no longer offer STEM camps this season.

When you get beyond the buzzword, what’s STEM really about?  It’s about discovery, trying things and seeing ‘what if’ in an environment where there are teachers to guide you and all the right tools close at hand.

All of Moses Brown’s STEM-related camps give children the opportunity to dig into something they’re curious about, to take some expertise from a teacher, some supplies from a well-stocked cabinet, and mix them up with a heaping dose of their own curiosity to see what happens.

Whether you’re into robotics, computers, business, science, or building things that really work, MB’s STEM camps are fun-filled days of discovery that make the summer fly by.



Dave Wasser

Creative Computing


Dave Wasser

David Wasser teaches technology in Moses Brown’s Middle and Upper School and coaches the VEX Robotics teams in those two divisions. He is passionate about using technology to challenge the traditional divide between “right brain” and “left brain” and seeks to nurture creative problem-solving skills in his students. Dave is also an amateur musician and […]

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