RISE Camp Week Three: Learning-By-Doing!

While we continue to embrace the spirit of the World Cup here at RISE in our array of sports offerings, campers are also keeping their brains active by learning, observing, and experimenting in science courses!

In our new Upper Camp course, Up, Up, and Away, campers are learning about soaring science by testing paper airplanes. Campers are experimenting and eating in Edible Science, where they have been making dirt pudding, solar ovens, and chocolate slime. Our RISE explorers will have the opportunity to learn all about crime scene investigation in our Forensics course next week!

The theme of the week in Lower Camp was Science and campers made oobleck, designed color wheels, and built marshmallow towers!



Next week, we will be celebrating America’s birthday with our first special day of the summer! You can find RISE campers chilling at the beach (or by the big slide on campus) on Tuesday, July 3, for Surf and Turf Day!

Please note that camp will be closed Wednesday, July 4.

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