RISE Camp 2019 Week 6

It’s Week 6 and RISE Camp is in full swing!

Our Upper Campers are still making new friends, playing outdoors, creating, and learning every single day. This week our counselors ran an activity named Lawn Chair Philosophy, where campers get a chance to discuss topics such as the universe and the automation of industry! I stopped by the activity yesterday and found campers of all ages sharing their insights and respectfully listening to one another. Stopping by the wood shop, campers were eager to show me their works-in-progress. One camper was making a pet cat out of wood, another was working on a huge cabinet. They also showed me their beautiful linoleum paintings!

This week was Gold Rush, a RISE Camp favorite. Our Lower Campers and Upper Campers search all over campus for colored rocks (“gold”), which they can then trade in to play games or get a prize. This year some of our activities include Bingo, Bowling, and a Dunk Tank. Our prizes include chocolate cake, temporary tattoos, and fun stickers!

Check out the pictures below for some great highlights from Gold Rush:

For some more updates, check out this awesome video from our RISE Revolution Course: https://youtu.be/fyOlZ1alg9Q

 Course Highlight

Jam Session

The Jam Session course has been around since the dawn of RISE Camp. This course, led by the incredible Roger, lets kids bring out their inner rock star. Over the course of the week, campers choose and practice a song with their band. This week the band features Roger on the piano, Bentzi on the drums, Malcom on the guitar, and Chloe leading the vocals. This Friday during lunch time they performed Yellow Submarine and Boulevard of Broken Dreams in the back circle. These campers rocked!

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