RISE Camp 2019 Week 5

Week 5 at RISE means it’s RISE Olympics week!

During the great annual RISE Olympics, all of our Upper Campers separate into teams led by counselors. These teams then go head-to-head in events such as Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, Cup Stacking, and Trivia! The Olympics ended with the Counselor vs. Counselor basketball game. This year Team Allie had an incredible win, and we also had a beautiful halftime show from our Dance course!

After their morning of competitive fun, our Upper Campers headed off to Activities. Campers sign up for an Activity every week, and brand new Activities are added all the time! This week some of our activities include Swim at the Brown Pool, Knocking (a card game), Trivia, Friendship Bracelets, and Four Square.

For more fun Upper Camp updates, check out this video from the RISE Revolution Course:

In Lower Camp, this Friday was Bombardier Day. On this day, one of our amazing Lower Camp counselors dresses up as the fictional character, the Bombardier. Our Lower Campers then follow clues the Bombardier leaves behind until they catch up to him or her. If they are successful, they get to eat watermelon!


Course Highlights

Movie Magic Makers

Movie Magic Makers has been a classic RISE camp course since the very beginning. Over the years, Upper Campers have gotten the chance to make their debut on the big screen or behind the scenes as part of the writing team. This course culminates in a Film Festival at the end of the summer, where everybody gets a chance to see the full films. Through hilarious improvisation, last minute plot switches, and a whole lot of video editing (thanks counselors!) these movies turn out to be a work of art.


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