RISE Camp 2019 Week 4

Happy Week 4 of RISE Camp!

This week our Campers took to the stage for the highly anticipated RISE Camp Talent Show! This year, the show featured gymnastics, karate, and even a camper who named state capitals (flawlessly, I must say). Campers brought the performance together offstage as well. We had an amazing stage crew, sound crew, and lights crew that worked hard the whole week to ensure everything ran smoothly. Our Lower Campers had an amazing talent show as well!

Everybody was wowed by the display of talent; check it out for yourself by clicking the video below:

In their courses, our Upper Campers are pursuing their artistic talents too. This week in Clay Jewelry with Lawrence, Campers are creating their own bead necklaces and rings. In Secrets of Art, Campers are contributing to an Undersea Mural for the office. In the Y Lab Green Room, RISE Radio Hour is uncovering the many legends of Moses Brown and RISE Camp. They used their research to create a script, and then recorded and edited it together. I cannot personally attest to the validity of these legends, but they’re definitely fun to speculate on.

Upper Camp also has their very own RISE Camp Snack Cart now! Come by the office to buy some discounted chips, Pop Tarts, Gatorade, and water for $2 or less.

Course Highlights

Cooking Courses

RISE Upper Camp has lots of great courses where kids can learn essential cooking skills. Today we are highlighting 3 of them: Cooking with Denise, Cold Cooking and Edible Science. In Cooking With Denise kids make hot dishes with our renowned Moses Brown Chef, Denise. This week they made dishes such as cupcakes, chili, and grilled cheese. Cold Cooking features dishes made without heat, such as homemade pesto with mozzarella, guacamole, and parfaits. Finally, in Edible Science campers made edible cell models this week!


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