RISE Camp 2019 Week 3

Week three at RISE was full of fun special days!

Not only did we celebrate America’s birthday this week, we also had a blast at Surf and Turf day in upper camp. Our Surf campers loaded onto a school bus bright and early on Tuesday morning to head down to Second Beach. Although it was cloudy out, we didn’t let the weather stop us from having an awesome beach day! Campers still happily jumped into the cold water, enjoyed snacks from the snack bar, and made more amazing camp memories.

The Turf campers decided to stay on campus, where they took part in a variety of special activities. There was an epic Magic the Gathering tournament, a mask making activity, and even a giant water slide! Our lower campers also stayed on campus, where they enjoyed Beach at Camp day. The lower campers played beach ball games and made some fun beach-themed crafts while soaking up the sun outside.



Course Highlight

Dance with Maddie, Sarah, Isabelle, and Lily

This year RISE camp has two great Dance courses – Lyrical and Contemporary, and Jazz and Hip-Hop. Every week the counselors pick a new song for each course, choreograph a dance to it, and spend the week teaching the dance to our campers. The Lyrical and Contemporary course features more slow, pronounced movements, whereas the Jazz and Hip-Hop course dances consist of upbeat, faster movements. Campers in both of these courses have a blast learning new dance moves, dance terminology, and how to convey emotion through their dance!

Check out these awesome photos and videos from our dance courses:

Dance Performance Video


Hope everybody has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend with their families and friends!

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