RISE Camp 2019 Week 2

RISE Camp is in full swing as week 2 comes to an end!

This week the upper campers took part in tons of fun courses, from the classics such as RISE Olympics to brand new courses like Comic Book Making. I was able to stop by the Field House this week, where campers were playing Knockout (a basketball game) and Floor Hockey led by counselors Noah and Bob.  As they scored goals on each other the campers could barely contain their joy, shouting out in excitement and running across the court.

Campers in the Clay course created colorful landscapes using polymer clay this week. The young artists were challenged  to create one piece that pops out at the viewers in their composition. Campers featured landscapes of light houses, volcanoes, and even underwater scenes in their pieces!

In other RISE camp news, this week the lower campers are working hard to take care of the Earth. They created and decorated recycling boxes for the Crayola Recycling Project. They also had a great time playing team building games and jump rope outside!

Course Highlight

Producing a News Show with Jonah and Eric

For our first new Course Highlight, we are shining a spotlight on Producing a News Show. In this course campers write and produce their very own news show featuring stories on RISE News, RISE Sports, RISE Art, and even a Weather update. They then act as news anchors, filmed by their talented counselors in the Y Lab Green Room. If you are interested be sure to check out this awesome upper camp course!

Here is a link to their first broadcast.

Next week RISE upper campers are going to take on the heat by heading down to Second Beach or playing water games on campus during Surf and Turf day! Lower campers will enjoy Beach at Camp day, playing beach themed games and cooling off in mini pools.

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