Note from Jerrett- July 23rd

Hello RISE Camp families,

If you looked around at drop-off and pick-up yesterday, you probably thought there was a soccer, basketball, or football game about to take place.  Campers and staff really showed their spirit for Team Day, and as you can imagine, the Boston teams were well represented.  However, it was also great to see the variety of teams our camp community support.  Even the weather decided to be a solid teammate this week!

As you can see in the divisional posts on our website and on our Instagram account (@mbrisecamp), there was plenty of action at RISE Camp this week.  Thursday was a particularly eventful day, with the water slide (not the giant one!) for Early RISErs, Bombardier Day for lower campers, and the RISE Olympics for upper campers (with the giant water slide!).

Looking ahead, we have another exciting week of RISE ahead coming up, with Friday being Tie-Dye Day.  To prepare for next Friday, campers in all three divisions will tie-dye their very own RISE Camp t-shirts.  We will provide the t-shirts, the tie-dye, and washing instructions.

Here are a few important reminders to also keep in mind-

  • All campers should bring two masks, a water bottle, and sunscreen to camp every day.
  • Please consult the drop-off and pick-up instructions sent out with this week’s update.
  • If you have a car tag already, please remember to place it on your rearview mirror when you drop off and pick up.  For families that are starting next week, you will receive your car tags on Monday during drop-off.
  • At drop-off, we ask that lower and upper campers remain in their vehicle until they have reached the drop-off point and are greeted by a staff member.
  • Lower and upper campers can sign up for lunch at RISE.  Lunch can be purchased for $30/week, and you can contact Diane Silvestri ( to add this to your camper’s reservation.
  • If your camper is going to arrive late or leave early, please let me know as soon as possible (

We are so glad that you were able to be a part of RISE Camp this week, and we hope that you will join us again soon!

Kind regards,

Jerrett Wilson
RISE Camp Director