Lower Camp Weekly Update- Week 5

Dear Lower Camp families,

Today is the last day of camp, and although we are sad that it has to end, we have loved every single part of the past 5 weeks!

The theme for this week was lego design, and each camper has had access to their own set of legos, and they  have had the opportunity to build something new everyday!  The final products have consisted of “heart spaceships”, “bubble makers”, and lego robots.

It’s also been very hot this week, and we’ve gone to the slip n’ slide everyday.  However, as today was the last day of camp, campers will got to play with water balloons!

Over the course of the summer, our weekly challenges have encouraged campers to be creative and collaborative, engaging in activities like build your own marble run and making friendship chains.

We have read 24 different books with the campers, each one coming with a corresponding activity to help dig deeper into the moral of every story.

We’ve also played games like sharks and minnows, kickball, and freeze tag.  Afterwards, campers have cooled off on the slip n’ slide, by running through the sprinklers, and playing drip, drip, drop.

We even put on a successful talent show and treasure hunt in which campers went through multiple challenges to earn a final prize.

Thank you for an amazing 5 weeks, and we hope to see you next summer!


Sandrine and Hannah