Early RISErs Weekly Update- Week 5

Dear Early RISErs families,

Our animal safari has come to an end as we wrap up week 5 of camp.  This week our friends went through the day in their stables groups as frogs, tadpoles, or toads, and our theme for the week was Jungle Animals!

During Circle time, we explored books that helped us learn all about different types of animals that live in the jungle like Giraffes Can Dance and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?.  In arts and crafts, we started by making friendship trees to decorate our rooms.  Each camper got to make their own leaf to hang on its branches.  Later in the week, we practiced patterns using beads to make snakes.

During outside time, our campers loved to make their very own animal games including “Dinosaur” and “Cheetah”.  On our warmer days, we spent time pouncing through the sprinkler. On Friday, our frogs, toads, and tadpoles ended their week by showing off all different colors for Colorful Camp Day.  The tadpoles were blue, the toads were red, and the frogs were green!

A final note –

Thank you all so much for such an incredible summer! We have truly enjoyed spending time with each and every one of your campers.  Through song, dance, art, games, and play, we hope your children have learned just as much from us as we have learned from them.  We had LOTS of fun watching them explore from under the sea, through the jungle, around the racetrack, and in many more adventures.  For our campers who are currently three years of age, we hope you’ll join us again next summer!  For our campers who will be five next year, we hope to see you move up to Lower Camp. Lastly, we love to hear from our campers throughout the year, so please keep in touch.  Have a wonderful and safe rest of your summer!


Chris and Gabbie