Early RISErs Midweek Update- Week 5

Hello Early RISErs families,

This week, our stable groups the frogs, toads, and tadpoles have been roaring through Jungle Animal week. As always, we started by getting to know friends by making artwork for our rooms.  On Monday, we started our friendship trees, and each camper got to design their own leaf and add it to a friendship tree in their room.

During circle time, we talked about different animals that live in the jungle.  Some of the animals that our friends could think of are monkeys, birds, and, of course, tigers. Outside, we have cooled off in our rainbow slip and slide and with the sprinkler.  Later in the week, we will be using patterns to make our own slithery critters, snakes!

Each Friday, RISE Camp has a fun theme to end the week. This Friday will be Colorful Camp day!  Please look on your campers note on Thursday to see what color your child’s room will be.

Kind regards,

Christine and Gabbie