RISE Upper Camp

June 21–August 6

Full-day: 8:45 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Half-day: 8:45 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Built-in multi-week and sibling discounts!

Campers will be placed in stable groups for the week, and travel with that group of campers and counselor teams to each course.  Campers will have the option of selecting a specific theme for their week such as Visual Arts, Sports, Science and Building.  We will have updates with regards to the specific themes we will offer as we get closer to the start of camp.

Campers’ weekly schedule will include courses associated with the theme they have identified as their highest interest along with camp inspired games, activities, and outside play.  If a camper is with us for more than one week, they can stay with their current group or join a new themed group each week.

Some of the courses that campers will find within their themed inspired weeks are T-Shirt Time, Dodgeball, 4 Square, RISE Rev, Lego Mania, Messy Science, Print Making and Drawing, Creating in Clay,Book/Journal Making and Cover Designing, Capture the Flag, Duct Tape Creations, Games in the Grove and much much more!


Upper Camp is designed for children entering grades 3-8.


Creating, Producing and Acting

Campers will participate in courses such as, but not limited to, Movie Magic Makers, RISE Revolution (camp newspaper,) Debate, Creating a News Show, Improv, Comic and Flip book Creations, Creative Writing.

Come Create With Me
Campers will participate in courses such as, but not limited to, Street Art, Print and Paper Making, Clay, Open Air Watercolor, T-shirt Time, Slime Time, Paper Crafts, Scrunchy-Mask- and Friendship Bracelets, Gnome Home and Fairy House Creating, Origami.

Arts and Crafts Creations
Campers will participate in courses such as, but not limited to, Color-iphic Color Mixing, Cardboard Creations, Small Crafts, Bookmaking, Animal Drawing, Jewelry Making, Mixed Media- 2D and 3D collage, clay, painting and gel medium, Watercolors.

Sport Madness
Campers will participate in courses such as, but not limited to, Basketball, Kickball, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, Games in the Grove, Four Square, RISE Olympics.

Science and Building
Campers will participate in courses such as, Woodshop, Lego Mania, Messy Science, Duct Tape ProDUCTivity, States of Matter, Exploration of Buoyancy and Density,

Mix It Up
Campers will participate in a variety of thematic courses such as, but not limited to, Birthday Party Games, Games in the Grove, Frisbee Golf, Ball Games, Cards, Make Your Own Board Games, Watercolors, Jewelry Making, Messy Science.



Extended Day

Extended Day Please Plan Carefully. Due to staffing complexities, we cannot refund for lunch or extended day services once registration is complete.  

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Jerrett Wilson

RISE Director

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Jerrett Wilson

Jerrett Wilson will return as the Director of RISE Camps this year. After his positive experience over the last seven summers, he is excited to be a part of another summer at RISE. During the academic year, Jerrett teaches Spanish and French in the Upper School at Moses Brown. He also is an assistant coach for the middle school football team and coaches the middle school A basketball team.

Allie Spurling ’96

RISE Director

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Allie Spurling ’96

Allie, a music teacher, Early Childhood educator, and program coordinator at Moses Brown, has worked with children ages 3 to 18 for several years. As part of the RISE Upper Camp team after spending many years as a camper and counselor at RISE, Allie enjoys seeing the same faces yearly and working with a strong staff to provide fun and engaging summer experiences.