Final Frontiers: Sea & Space

July 19-23

Half-day:  9 a.m. – 12 p.m.     $255
Full-day:  9 a.m. – 4 p.m.        $445

Ages 7-11

Each morning, explore the mysterious realms of sea and space as you enter the exciting worlds of marine biology and astronomy! Dive in and examine weird wonders of the sea, observe the anatomy of a real fish, and learn the ancient technique of gyotaku or “fish rubbing,” and discover the ocean’s living fossils. Then, blast off to discovering space and stars as you make an out-of-this-world solar system model, prepare for lift-off as you build and launch your own stomp rocket while learning about Newton’s Laws of Motion, complete a mission to the Moon, and design and build a space capsule that will safely bring your “eggstronaut” in for a landing.

Stay for the afternoon as we come back down to earth. Transform polymers into a rainbow of color, investigate the properties of light when you build a kaleidoscope, explore the concept of density as you create a colorful density tower, build a metal detector to identify conductors, demonstrate how air pressure can lift objects and make them fly, and conduct a powder analysis lab. For ages 7-11.

We prioritize safety! All of our STEM experiments are packaged in individual kits and all CDC and local guidelines will be followed at all times.



Extended Day

Extended Day Please Plan Carefully. Due to staffing complexities, we cannot refund for lunch or extended day services once registration is complete.  

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