2D Studio: Sticker Your World

July 6–10

Half-day: 8:45–11:30 a.m.    $275

Grades 7 and up

You see them everywhere – on water bottles, laptops, car windows, notebooks, and road signs. Stickers are a fun, colorful, and creative means of self-expression; and in this camp, you will get to design and create your own stickers and vinyl decals!

Campers will learn about 2D design through the SIlhouette Cameo hardware and software system. The Cameo is an electronic cutting machine that can cut out designs from paper, vinyl, fabric and other materials. Campers will learn about design principles which they can incorporate into producing their own hand-designed graphics, text or digital images. They’ll use software tools to convert their designs to digital outlines for producing custom-cut decals.

During the week, we will engage in brainstorming activities in which students will generate ideas for messages they wish to express in their designs. Projects will include making full-color paper sticker sheets with multiple copies of a single design, as well as single-color vinyl decals.

Campers may join other MB camps in the afternoon, but must register separately.


Busing and Extended Day

Busing and Extended Day Please Plan Carefully. Due to staffing complexities, we cannot refund for lunch, busing, or extended day once registration is complete.  

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Dave Wasser

Creative Computing

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Dave Wasser

David Wasser teaches technology in Moses Brown’s Middle and Upper School and coaches the VEX Robotics teams in those two divisions. He is passionate about using technology to challenge the traditional divide between “right brain” and “left brain” and seeks to nurture creative problem-solving skills in his students. Dave is also an amateur musician and […]